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Bucknell University | GEOL 201

GEOL 201: Earth and the Environment
Summer 2022 (6-weeks; June 13–July 22)

In this jam-packed course of physical and environmental geology course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of how Earth works through interactive lectures, daily hands-on lab exercises and field trips. The evidence-based lectures will show you the basics of scientific endeavor, while laboratory exercises and the field trips will give you the chance to collect data in the field and make interpretations. The topics include plate tectonics, types of rocks and minerals, the rock cycle, volcanism, seismicity, surface processes, and introduction to geologic mapping. Finally, we will discuss the human impact on the geological environment.

Satisfies the following requirements in the College Core Curriculum:
LBSC: Lab sciences
EVCN: Environmental connection
NSMC: Natural Sciences and Mathematics
NMLG: Natural Sciences and Mathematics Learning Goals

Open to all undergraduates and high school students.
Not open for those students that have taken GEOL 203 or GEOL 250.

Instructor: J. Batbaatar (pronouns: he/him/his)
Email: j.batbaatar@bucknell.edu
Instruction mode: In-person only; classroom and outdoor field trips

Meeting Schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:30AM–12:00PM (OLRY 232)
1:30–4:00PM (OLRY 218)


Physical Geology by Steven Earle (2nd edition)

Lab supplies: Transportation to field trips and lab supplies will be provided. You only need to bring your curiosity and energy!

Schedule and the topics of the course

June 14 and 16  
Topic 1 Earth's origin & internal structureRotating Earth and Moon
Topic 2 Plate TectonicsChanging plates on globes
June 21 and 23
Topic 3 Minerals and rock cycleThin section
Topic 4 Igneous rocks & volcanoesHawaii lava flow
June 28 and 30
Topic 5 Sedimentary rocksSandstone
Topic 6 Stratigraphy & geologic timeStratigraphy
July 5 and 7
Topic 7 Metamorphic rocksGneiss
Topic 8 Mountain building & deformationMountains
July 12 and 14
Topic 9 Rivers & glaciersGlaciers flowing
Topic 10 Geologic hazardsLandslide
July 19 and 21
Topic 11 Energy & mineral resourcesMining
Topic 12 AnthropoceneTemperature